Before you take a deep dive into branding, I strongly recommend reading StoryBrand by Donald Miller.

There are a lot of financial services references within the book and it'll help shape the way you approach branding.

Brand Strategy

Step 1) Build Your Internal Brand

Your purpose, vision, mission, values

• This will reflect in the way you communicate your firm’s story and existence, the language you use, the style of content you’ll create, the wording on your website

Step 2) Define your audience

Create personas: Define who you want to reach - age, financial situation, occupation, beliefs, values, where they spend their time

• Keep in mind your minimum viable client base

Step 3) Understand Your Market / Competition

• Helps you establish your differentiating factors

• Local, national competitors

Step 4) Develop Your Competitive Advantage

Purpose: Figure out how your business and brand will be different from current competitors

"How are we going to be better?"

“What unique skillset do we have?”

"What makes us different?"

"Why would someone want to work with us over ____?"

Step 5) Shape Your Brand Personality & Voice

Keep your target audience in mind

Remember: It's not always what you say, but how you say it

Step 6) Create Your Messaging Strategy

• How are you going to tell your brand story and position yourself as someone with the solutions to your audience’s problems?

People want to know 'what's in it for me?'
• Your marketing and content needs to reflect this

Step 7) Craft Your Brand Story

Putting all the previous steps to work and developing the messaging and story your business & brand will tell

• Why you exist, who you serve, etc

Step 8) Develop Your Tagline (maybe rebrand)

Purpose: Convey the brand messaging and beliefs in a concise, catchy sentence or phrase

• Nike - Just Do It
• Bone Fide Wealth - #InvestInYou
• AllStreet Wealth - Financial planning, redefined

Step 9) Design Brand Visuals & Collateral

• Logo
• Alternate logo
• Fonts
• Colors
• Document templates
• Etc.

Purpose, typography, color palette, personality all come together through collateral
• Website, brochure, business cards, advertisements
• Any physical and digital communication coming from your brand

Step 10) Build Brand Awareness Strategy

"Where do our people hang out/go to for information?" will help determine where to focus your energy

• Determine message effectiveness in each potential area
• Test and double down on what's working

Step 11) Brand launch

Goal: Build awareness and interest around firm

• Ad strategy
• Or guerilla/organic strategies

• Determine success metrics

Step 12) Test, Evaluate, Track, Optimize, Improve, Evolve. Repeat.

• Google analytics
• Google Search Console
• Branded search
• KPIs
• Social media growth & analytics
• Firm growth
• Consider client retention
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