Content Strategy

Phase #1
Deep Dive & Strategy

• Figure out your target audience
• Determine where they spend their time
• Figure out what's valuable to them
• Think about the problem(s) they have that you can solve and show through content
• Determine your value proposition(s)

Phase #2

• Develop your content strategy
• Keep the target audience in mind
• Determine call-to-actions
• Determine the content types
• Determine the platforms
• Determine posting frequency
• Determine content creation process

Phase #3Launching

• Create it.
• Distribute it.
• Repurpose it.
• Evaluate it.
• Repeat.

Content Marketing Framework

Top of Funnel Content

The "Attention" Phase

Content that builds awareness and attention around your firm

• Blog posts
• YouTube videos
• Podcasts
• Social media posts

Mid Funnel Content

The "Conversion" Phase

Trying to convert the attention into warm contacts

• Free resources (PDF, guides)
• Quiz or survey
• Webinars

Bottom Funnel Content

The "Closing" Phase

Convert contacts to clients

• Comparison chart
• Free assessment
• Pricing/marketing collateral
• Case studies
• Sales pages

Platform Strategies


• Ideal if you have a profession niche
• Must engage with others

Types of Content

• Share blogs
• Video clips
Great example: Manish/Potomac Funds
• List of tips
• Lessons
• Personal stories
• Infographics

Posting Frequency

• Daily if possible
• Reported best days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - mornings

Content Mix

• Test sharing blog links, native LinkedIn articles, and blog link in comments
• Try sharing videos, audio, text posts, articles
• Measure and see what's resonating most
• Double down on what's working
• Share personal stories, lessons, updates, etc.
• Create slideshow posts


• Great for any advisor
• Video allows you to build trust prior to contact

Types of Content

• How To videos
• Explaining topics in stories
• Meet The Team
• A Weekly Review

Posting Frequency

• The least demanding of all social medias
• Once weekly is desired
• Once monthly is okay
**Repurpose videos often


• Ideal for niche advisors
(e.g. #MedTwitter, entrepreneurs, crypto)
• Must engage

Types of Content

• Blogs
• Newsletter promo
• Video clips
• List of tips or lessons
• Threads
• Infographics
• Quote other people's tweets and add your thoughts

Posting Frequency

• Daily
• Multiple times daily if niche exists on Twitter


• Ideal for advisors who target millennials
• Focus on stories more than feed content

Types of Content

• Share carousel posts from blogs
• Video clips
• Simple infographics
• Tips
• Utilize IG stories

Posting Frequency

• If possible, daily
• Prioritize posting stories over feed content if time is limited
• Good cadence: 4x/week
• Something educational
• A video
• An audio clip
• Something "playful" or educational

Content Mix

• Different kinds throughout the week (edu, videos, etc)
• Measure and see what's resonating most
• Share behind the scenes of running the business
• Share the customer service & planning team
• Let followers get to know them
• Record videos of yourself talking about a topic, problems you see clients face, questions you're asked, etc.


• Can be effective with an existing following or a paid strategy
• Active in groups

Types of Content

• Video clips
• Share blogs
• Personal stories
• Meet the Team
• Facebook Live videos
• Infographics
• Tag/interact with local businesses

Posting Frequency

• Ideally daily
• 2-3x/week minimum


• Good for advisors with younger audiences, though anyone could benefit from extra, free distribution

Types of Content

• Short videos
• Explainers
• Answering questions
• Repurposing podcasts, YT videos

Posting Frequency

• Daily if possible, multiple times weekly

Tips & Reminders

Subtitle every video
Content takes time to work, don't measure by the week
Not all content is equal - i.e. design and quality matters
Copywriting is everything
Don't get tired and quit before people have a chance to get interested
Repurpose everything
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