Every marketing plan must answer these 4 questions:

1) Who are you trying to reach?

• Determine target audience
• Create personas

2) Where will you try to reach them?

• Determine where they live at digitally, as well as physically

3) How will you drive them to do business with you?

• The process of converting attention (awareness) into action (scheduling a meeting)

Examples of strategies below 👇🏼

4) How will you measure success?

• Determine KPIs and measurement tools

Content Marketing Framework


• Top of funnel blog content will help drive traffic
• Ensure site is mobile-friendly
• Invest in good copy from someone familiar w/ financial services
• Include CTA buttons throughout site
• Include email grab on home page

Email Marketing

• The average ROI on email marketing is 4200% (ConstantContact)
• Grow email list through free resources/downloads on firm's site
• Drip campaigns to remain top of mind

Seminar/Webinar Marketing

• Build awareness around firm and your expertise
• Show your value

Social Media Marketing

• Content marketing & social media marketing tend to go hand in hand
Consider paid ad strategy on social media
Must engage with people to build relationships
Use video to build trust

COI Relationships

• Don't be afraid to get creative (personal trainers, wedding photographers, etc.)
• Do collab videos, tag them on social media
• Can strengthen local presence

Public Relations/Media

Being featured in publications builds credibility
• Tools: HARO, XY Planning Network Media Requests
Network with local reporters

Paid Ad Strategy

• Be intentional with the end results
• Consider what platforms your target audience lives on
• Always evaluate analytics
• Test, split test, track, rework, repeat
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